February 11, 2009

Hi, I’m Linda Ruocco and this is my blog, “Spiritual Chocolate: Living inside a Delicious Relationship with the Divine.”

So, what does that mean, you say? Why this blog

For me, I grew up Roman Catholic and everything religious or spiritual was very solemn, serious, and severe – lots of rules, lots of ritual, lots of SIN!! I almost couldn’t do anything without which it was a SIN and wrong — and God was scary and distant!

On my own path, I have found that the spiritual road is rich with delights, the smooth path rather than the rocky road I thought it was when I was small…. and full of sweet and soulful surprises that warm the heart and pour into my mind like the molten delicacies that they are…. and so I aim to bring those delicious morsels to you…. those found moments, those delectable treats that appear in the love that only spirit sees and feels and hears…. my Valentines to you…. Valentines from The Divine.

I was married to a wonderful man, with whom I am still friends. His name is Fred. We divorced a long time ago and I have not been in a real committed romantic relationship since then. We have an incredible son, whose name is Josh, and he is 29 and lives far away in Minneapolis and works for Target and, well, I miss him even though I know that he has his own life to live, his own path to follow.

I tell you this because it is Joshua who taught me everything I need to know about love – that it is unconditional, it is always there, it gives us our strength, our beauty, our lives… and once it is created, it is never destroyed – even when we think it is. Oh, it may look different, it may feel different sometimes – but, love is love and it just IS…. and, if we let ourselves, we can see it everywhere.

When Josh was born, I couldn’t believe how much I loved him! One minute, he wasn’t there – and, the next – he popped out, I looked at him, and there it was – this feeling that we long for all our lives, the feeling that is indescribable, that is deep and rich and Oh, so sweet! The feeling that we call LOVE.

And, it never went away! In fact, I loved him more and more (How is this possible?) every day!

So, here’s my first delicious morsel: When Josh was about three, I was putting him to bed one night. I had my arms curled around his little body, so soft, so sweet, his little blond curls brushing at my cheek as I sang him a song to sleep. I was overwhelmed with him and feeling so blessed. I whispered in his ear, “Josh, you are better than the treasure at the end of the rainbow, you are better than the most precious jewels in all the Universe, you are an angel, so perfect and so sweet. I am so lucky to have you for a son. Thank you for being my child.”

“You’re welcome,” he answered simply.

I was a little surprised. I felt like I wanted him to say, “Oh, Mommy, I feel that way about you, too. You are so wonderful. You are the best Mommy that any boy could ever want!”

After I left his room, I thought about that. And, I got it that it was my ego that wanted those strokes, that reassurance, that admiration.
Josh? Well, he was just love – and his answer was a response from the Divine – my son was my prayer and God answered.

Over the years, I have come to realize that that love that I feel for Josh is what love is – and I can give that same love to anyone and to everyone. The only thing ever standing in the way is the ego that wants strokes, reassurance, and admiration. Love simply is. It doesn’t need anything.

Oh, and, because it’s Valentine’s Day, I’m giving myself a new possibility – the possibility of being in a deep, rich relationship with all my heart!

And, that means, with you…

Deliciously yours in Love always, Linda
“Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is exhausting for children to have to provide explanations over and over again. That’s the way they are. You must not hold it against them. Children should be very understanding of grown-ups.” …”The Little Prince,” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
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9 Responses to “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!”

  1. Linda — This is absolutely gorgeous. I just read it (at Starbucks, 7:30) ‘cos I hadn’t gotten to all my emails yet. Wow. You are a magnificent writer. I’ll put your beautiful blog on my blogroll. ‘Hope it draws some of the many, many readers who’ll discover you and be all the better for it.

  2. Dona said

    wonderful Linda, have a fabulous Valentines Day ~ “Go Forth and Love” Dona

  3. Wendy Gherity said

    What a sweet story. Thank you.

  4. Susan D said

    Hi Linda,

    so you, so self expressed and loving!
    thank you for sharing this with me.

    love, susan

  5. Rachel said

    So wonderful. Big hug, my dear friend.

  6. Patricia Pavlak said

    Sweet and delicious as promised!

  7. Bill said

    “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you to come into my life”

    “I can dream about you, if I can’t hold you tonight”

    The Christian church teaches that love is unconditional. Kids are the perfect example. Most folks, I believe, have a very hard time with that concept. It means not counting the number of times you’ve been 86’d in relationships. Keep moving forward. Trust. Have faith. Be smart, forgiving, and make the right choices. Feel good that you are able to offer “possibilities” to others, too.

  8. DH said

    Amazingly insightful and beautiful! A tantalizing sweet treat that I’ve come to crave each week and reflect upon in my own life. Thank you for uplifting messages and restoring the sparkle in my winks!

  9. Doug Longo said

    Dear Linda
    As stated in an earlier email,Iwanted to make some comments on being raised Catholic.Yes there was much guilt and since I spent most of my scholastic life in Catholic Schools the confessional was always nearby.I went to confession usually several times a week to confess all trangressions done or even contemplated.I now realize that a much more important aspect of moral behaviour is the love of our fellow humans.Take Care! Doug

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